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you are where they eat

How do your products get from you to your end consumer?
First, you have to know where they shop, live, work and play—and how to get there.

looking toward the future of food

EMBRACE OMNICHANNEL: Lines between channels are blurring as consumers feed themselves and their households through a combination of restaurants and groceries, meal kits and prepared foods, in-store and online.

BE THERE FOR FOODSERVICE: Both commercial and noncommercial foodservice operators are doing more with less and expect manufacturers to help.

RESPECT THE POWER OF SMALL: Smaller brands are making an impact, both as competitors to and growth drivers for large CPG companies.

VALUES MATTER: About half of consumers across age groups prefer purpose-driven brands that help them meet personal goals of conscientious living.1

REACH GEN Z: The future of food hasn’t yet reached its spending potential. Now is the time to build loyalty among this influential demographic.

special edition: tfgTouchpoints™ 2021

how to reach noncommercial operators with content

This special report brings together survey results from a broad cross-section of noncommercial operators and looks at what noncommercial operators want to know, where they seek information, how they like to receive content and more.

Download tfgTouchpoints report.

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pros seek information across channels


Commercial and noncommercial operators seek information in print and online in equal measure. Podcasts and webinars are growing quickly. Two-thirds attended a webinar in 2019, compared with one-third in 2018.

plant-based options grow


61% of operators offer “meat-like” options that mimic the taste and texture of meat. Noncommercial operators, especially at colleges, hospitals and offices, are significantly more invested in plant-based menu items than commercial operators. Download tfgTouchpoints report.

Age matters


Generational differences affect operators as well as consumers, who have distinct preferences for receiving information. Operators who use social media as a source of information: 55% under 40 and 35% over 40. Download tfgTouchpoints report.

inspiration pays off


The top 5 factors that motivate foodservice operators to inquire about or purchase a food and beverage product seen in an advertisement are:

look of
the product



Introduces a
new product

recipe ideas

1 US Census Bureau data via Quartz, “No one cooks anymore,” 6/14/2015